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Cute Tooth

Cute Tooth Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Cute Tooth Cookie Cutter

Dentistry has never been so adorable! Our cute smiley tooth cookie cutter encourages everyone to smile big and flash those pearly whites. Don't worry, be happy says the smiling tooth. Liven up any office party with this one-of-a-kind happy tooth biscuit mold that also makes great gifts for dental graduates, dentists, orthodontists and dental hygienists. Little ones awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy will adore this dental cookie cutter, as will anyone who appreciates a clean mouth and upbeat attitude. According to report, children laugh around 400 times a day. It's time to make it a fun 500 with sweet treats and smiling faces! Treat your sweet tooth to delectable cookies, marzipan, fondant topped cakes and biscuits and put those incisors, canine, premolars, and molars to good use! These four teeth are your cutting, tearing and grinding teeth. Feed them gourmet cheese from your tooth themed cheese platter for a little calcium boost that will really put you in a good frame of mind.


Cute Smiley Tooth: Approximately 7 cm by 7 cm (2.75 inch by 2.75 inch)

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