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Doggy Sex Position (Heterosexual)

Doggy Sex Position Cookie Cutter (Heterosexual)




2017-05-11 04:14:25 +0100

Doggy Sex Position Cookie Cutter

Get creative in the bedroom and the kitchen with our heterosexual couple doing the nasty in the doggie style position in our Doggy Sex Position Cookie Cutter. This one of a kind mold features a woman down on all fours as her male partner gives it to her from behind. Bang, bang, OH! This couple is where it is at. If doing it doggie style is your favorite position, this cookie cutter will see a lot of use in your house. Whether you want some cookies to bring to the bedroom festivities or you want a good laugh for your girls night or bachelorette party, this sex position cookie cutter is a great way to bake up something unique. Make some sexual sugarcraft toppings, cookies, biscuits, fondant, marzipan and cookies, then serve up for some blushes from some and hoots and hollers from others! These cookie cutters are great for stuffing bachelorette bags or as favors that everyone can enjoy.


Doggy: Approximately 10cm by 7.3cm (3.9 inch by 2.9 inch)

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