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Dolphin Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Dolphin Cookie Cutter

A great addition to any collector's stash, our cute dolphin cookie cutter makes you the hit of any event. Dolphins are extremely intelligent marine life, but while they live all their life in the ocean, dolphins are not actually fish, but mammals who make frequent trips to the surface to catch their breath. Spotting a dolphin of your very own will be easy and delicious with these sea-themed cutouts that make great gingerbread or sugar cookies, brownies, fondant and cake topper decorations. Rarely alone, dolphins generally travel in schools or pods of up to twelve others. With such a sociable personality, the dolphin makes the perfect party companion. Playful as well, kids can easily relate to this very charming sea mammal. This baking and candy crafting tool encourages kids to test out their culinary talents in the kitchen to help mom, dad or teacher create unique and tasty treats. Not just for the kitchen, this handy crafting tool works just as well for clay and other moldable materials. Let your imagination soar with this adorable dolphin cookie cutter!


Dolphin cookie cutter: Approximately 8.2cm by 12.5cm (3.22 inches by 4.92 inches)

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