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Eat Me

Eat Me Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 06:23:43 +0100
Eat Me Cookie Cutter
We're all mad here! Inspired by the "eat me" cakes that have very peculiar and potent effects on your stature from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland comes our magical "Eat Me" cookie cutter. Unlike the results of Alice when she ate the demanding little cakes, your cakes won't turn anyone into giants or shrink them to the size of ants for that matter, but they will inspire a great big appetite that make treats magically disappear from plates! For anyone young or old who believes in magic and fairytales or who just adores this classic story, an Alice in Wonderland themed party or sleepover is not complete without a platter of Alice's magical cookies or cakes. So whip up a batch, pipe on some fancy icing and give them a treat that can inspire an imagination filled play date. Of course, children aren't the only ones infatuated with this ageless tale, so make sure to make enough treats for your next book club meeting for a surefire conversation starter.
Eat Me: Approximately 5.4cm by 5.4cm (~ 2.12 inch by 2.12 inch)

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