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Envelope Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Envelope Cookie Cutter

Make your own love notes with this Envelope Cookie Cutter. A sweet gift idea for friends, pen pals, "secret" lovers and as DIY wedding favors or vacation postcard reminders, this one of a kind letter biscuit mold invites you to decorate your post mail to reflect your intent, mood and favorite colors. Pipe on a special address or message onto the back of the envelope or seal with a kiss! This fun mold is great for use with your favorite chilled dough and makes origami inspired biscuits, cookies, marzipan, fondant, sugarcraft, candy and cheeses. Once bakes, ice, pipe and sugar to add extra flavor to your sugar cookies or enjoy plain for gingerbreads and others. It's a fun, inspired gift idea to make as edible envelopes, party invitations, thank you cards, and gift tags. Kids especially will have a blast addressing their envelopes for birthday parties or for fundraiser handouts. 


Approximately 7cm by 4.6cm (2.75 inch by 1.81 inch)

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