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Feather Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Feather Cookie Cutter

A well-known symbol of kindness, angelic protection and good fortune, the feather makes a treasured keepsake for many. Our Bakerlogy Feather Cookie Cutter creates edible words of art in a one-of-a-kind design that mimics a calligrapher's or poet's plumed writing instrument. Creating beautiful wedding favors, cupcake toppers, crafting tools, gifts and cookies, our elegant quill cookie cutter is both graceful and ornate that bring wonderful detail to your creations. Let your creative genius take flight! A timeless statement, a single feather from a bird is a stunning and simple way to embellish your wardrobe, gift wrapping, letterhead and now, your desserts and appetizers! This distinctive cookie cutter makes brilliantly unique cutouts for marzipan, candy plaques, clay cheese, fondant, biscuits and gingerbread. Though widely associated with Native Americans as spiritual charms and adornments, the feather truly breaks the bond of time to date back through the ages. Let out Feather Shaped Cookie Cutter inspire your own goals and dreams, or use it as a symbol to remind loved ones of your eternal love.


Approximately 3.5cm by 11cm (1.38 inch by 4.33 inch)

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