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Female Pelvis

Female Pelvis Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Female Pelvis Cookie Cutter

Hip, hip, hooray! Our female pelvis cookie cutter is a wonderful go-to kitchen tool for preparing yummy treats and appetizers for macabre skeletal Halloween parties, a spread for orthopedic lectures and thoughtful gift for obstetricians to name a few. Located in the lower torso, the pelvis is a sturdy ring of bones that protects the delicate organs. Several bones form the pelvis, including the sacrum, coccyx and the coxal bones. The gender specific differences between the male and female pelvis relate to the urinary and reproductive system as well as the roles of pregnancy and childbirth. The specific shape of a woman's pelvic structure can even determine her ease of childbirth as well as pre-determine her for a cesarean. The function and abilities of the female pelvic bone are wondrous to be sure. Celebrate the wonders of the skeletal system with cookies, biscuits, fondant and sugarcraft treats made from our detailed female pelvis biscuit mold!


Female Pelvis: Approximately 9.9cm by 7.8cm (3.8 inch by 3 inch)

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