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Heart Jigsaw

Heart Jigsaw Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 04:03:00 +0100

Heart Jigsaw Cookie Cutter

A match made in culinary heaven, this Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutter showcases interlocking pieces for creative proposals, valentine match surprises, BFF celebrations and more! If you are a puzzle connoisseur or love to get inventive in the kitchen, then this puzzle biscuit mold is just for you! Featured in two pieces, the biscuits, cookies or cake toppings you make with our heart puzzle cookie cutter fit together perfectly for a unique take on innovative desserts. What better way to say "be mine" than with a DIY homemade valentine treat with your own valentine catchphrase piped over the face of this two piece heart! Mix and match colors for spunky cookie treats featuring a fun spin, and invite guests to seek like colors out in a cool way to break the ice between partygoers. The possibilities are endless and the finished product is super easy to make that will gain big applause. 


Approximately 7.9cm by 6.5cm (3.1 inch by 2.56 inch)

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