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Howling Wolf

Howling Wolf Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Howling Wolf Cookie Cutter

This howling wolf moon cookie cutter makes for a howling good cookie! Inspired by the mystical lore of the werewolf, this big bad wolf has dominated popular culture as the star of films, folklore, books and now, your themed Halloween or costume party! During the full moon, mortals flee the mountains and woodlands, lest the madly ravenous lycanthrope savagely devour them and their children. Let this wildlife hunter terrorize your next gathering for a spooky good time. The full moon approaches. Be ready to summon the spirit of the dreaded werewolf to host a beast of a party. Create dough cake toppings, cookies, biscuits and more in a howling wolf shape. Trick or treaters will delight in your party favors when you hand out these howling wolf cookies, especially when you top and decorate with icing or fondant. The process is easy and the results are amazing!


Howling Wolf: Approximately 9cm by 9cm (3.54 inch by 3.54 inch)

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