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Human Ear

Human Ear Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100
Human Ear Cookie Cutter
Can you hear us now? Because our anatomical human ear cookie cutter is something you are going to want to hear about! The human ear is an organ of hearing as well as of balance that consists of the outer, middle and inner ear. The smallest bones in the human body can actually be found inside ear and are called the incus, malleus and stapes (more commonly known as the anvil, hammer and stirrup), all found in the middle ear. Imagining how tiny these bones are is easy when you realize the inner ear is comparable in circumference to that of the tip of a pencil eraser. Our ears are marvelous things, allowing us to hear and enjoy music, laughter, the quiet hum of nature and the many languages of our world. Celebrate your ears and those who keep them healthy with our human ear biscuit cutters! Otolaryngologists and audiologists will enjoy the cookies, biscuits, fondant-topped cakes and cheeses molds featuring our one-of-a-kind anatomical human ear design.
Human Ear: Approximately 9cm by 5.5cm (3.54 inch by 2.2 inch)

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