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Kangaroo Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Kangaroo Cookie Cutter

This marsupial momma packs a serious punch in this hopping cute kangaroo cookie cutter. With her joey tucked safely in her pouch, this Australia native is ready to take aim at anyone who would dare threaten her young with a fierce boxing match. This one-of-a-kind kangaroo fondant cutter is professionally detailed to look like the real thing and is a great clay cheese cutter, cookie shape, fondant mold and sugarcraft tool. An Aussie wildlife animal and New Guinea resident, sightings of kangaroos aren't common unless you are a native to these countries, but with this biscuit cutter, you can see one anytime! Hop into a good time with a great DIY dessert table at your next gathering for guests to decorate their kangaroo cookie to their liking with colored icing, sprinkles and sugars or cut up soft fruits or biscuits for a delectable side dishes. Every party begins in the kitchen!


Kangaroo: Approximately 11.5cm by 11.8cm (4.5 inch by 4.6 inch)

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