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Male Pelvis

Male Pelvis Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Male Pelvis Cookie Cutter

This anatomical male pelvis cookie cutter illustrates the human male pelvic in great detail as if through an x-ray borrowed directly from a doctor's office. Be hip to human biology! The pelvis is the body's largest bone and is the only gender specific bone on our body. The pelvis bone is a symmetrical superman that is actually stronger than the wall of the cranium. A cool health care cookie and biscuit mold, this kitchen tool makes all sorts of yummy desserts and appetizers for your themed events as well as makes a fantastic gift idea for medical students, doctors, surgeons and nurses. A fun and macabre Halloween treat, this anatomical hip bone cookie cutter can be used to create a spook-tactular addition to your trick or treat table. Leave out no anatomy! Check out our full line of medical themed cookie and candy cutters to include everyone on your holiday list.


Male Pelvis: Approximately 8.9cm by 7.4cm (3.5 inch by 2.9 inch)

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