Mouse Cookie Cutter

$12.00 USD

Mouse Cookie Cutter

When the cat's away, the mice will play and that is exactly what this curious little rodent has set out to do in this one-of-a-kind mouse cookie cutter. Fresh from the laboratory, this smart little whiskered scientist is ready to make his debut in the kitchen as a cute animal biscuit, yummy cookie or detailed cake off decoration. His nose lifted in the air as if he just caught the scent of something delectable, this rat cookie cutter would make the perfect cutout for a homemade, DIY cat treat. Did you know that a mouse eats 15-20 times a day? If he could get his wee paws on one of his namesake shaped cookies and treats, you can bet he would be eating more than that! Imagine how adorable a cheese wedge cake would be topped with a fondant mouse. Or a tray of cookies in the theme of the ratatouille rodent. The possibilities for creative genius are endless!


Approximately 7.8cm by 10.1cm (3.1 inch by 4 inch)