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Octopus Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Octopus Cookie Cutter

Our octopus cookie cutter makes an excellent addition to your cookie cutter collection! No need to get your tentacles in a knot when trying to come up with creative dessert ideas. Simply press, bake, decorate and serve for memorable treats that become the envy of the neighborhood. Cut fun shapes into cookie dough, gingerbread, soft fruit, brownies, biscuits and more for a surefire aquatic hit. The octopus is a very intelligent and social sea creature, which is a perfect theme to promote at your next summertime get-together. This eight-legged invertebrate won't have any problems making it out of the oven with all his tentacles attached due to the creative design, while the intricate details give this nautical pal a pop of personality and charm. A picnic at the beach just isn't the same without a special treat awaiting you after your sunshine adventures. Make sure you are prepared for hungry little sea dogs with these tentacles cookie cutters and your savvy culinary skills!


Octopus cookie cutter: Approximately 8.9cm by 7.9cm (3.5 inches by 3.11 inches)

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