Origami Mouse

Origami Mouse Cookie Cutter

$9.00 USD

Origami Mouse Cookie Cutter

Our one of a kind Origami Mouse Cookie Cutter showcases an adorable geometric rodent with nose in the air, presumably to sniff out a wedge of cheese. For such wee creatures, there is plenty of symbolism surrounding the history of the mouse. Diminutive in size, they are big on conserving, industriously hoarding trinkets and treats over their lifetime. Their tendency towards conservation plays a large part in the symbolism of the mouse, reminding us to conserve our own resources and energy. Oft pink nosed with grey fur, the teeny mouse has been both feared and revered throughout time. Whatever you association with the mouse or his extended family, the rat or hamster, this origami rodent biscuit cutter effortlessly molds tasty treats made by yourself in your very own kitchen, ranging from biscuits, to cookies, cheese fondant to marzipan and beyond. It's time to think big, just like the wee mouse!


Approximately 9cm by 5.5cm (3.5 inch by 2.16 inch)