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Origami Owl

Origami Owl Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Owl Cookie Cutter

Friends of a feather stick together! This wise old owl, and star of our Origami Owl Cookie Cutter, makes a bold appearance. His eyes wide and alert for the movement of his prey, this nocturnal predator is a celebrated wildlife animal and a favorite muse to all. Let his wise hoots and quiet observance inspire your culinary adventures. After trying out your favorite recipe, chill your dough and press your mold into your ready dough then bake to perfection. Let the angles of the origami speak for themselves or top with your favorite icing and sugars for an added festive flair. The perfect gift or specially made treat for owl lovers, this cookie cutter is a sweet gift, especially when affixed with a handwritten poem or note. Make colorful and sage origami owls with this fantastic own biscuit mold and let your kitchen creations take flight!


Approximately 7.1cm by 9cm (2.79 inch by 3.54 inch)

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