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Origami Pig

Origami Pig Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Pig Cookie Cutter

The well-known art of paper folding originated in China; it's revered talent making its way to Japan not long after. Of course, modern times sees this craft enjoyed all over the globe. Our adorable one of a kind Origami Pig Cookie Cutter. Features in a geometric design, with clean lines and finishes, this swine biscuit cutter mimics the classic cut of your favorite origami artworks. If the cute, squealing pink delights your friends or gives you a hearty dose of good luck and fortune, then your next event, fundraiser or celebration calls for dessert and appetizers made with our piggie cookie mold. After mixing, chilling, pressing and baking, smear on your favorite pink icing to make your oinker look just like a piggie straight from the farm, or up your good fortune with your own lucky colors. 


Approximately 9.5 cm by 5 cm (3.74 inch by 2 inch)

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