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Penis Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 04:38:18 +0100

Penis Cookie Cutter

Get wild at your bachelorette party by making, decorating and putting our Penis Cookie Cutter results in your mouth for big time fun! Our male genital cookie cutters are ready to tease and sate your palate until the honeymoon night when you and your partner can get naked and let loose at all hours! Everyone at your stag or bachelorette party will get a BIG kick out of your penis shaped cookies, biscuits, fondant and cupcakes and will line up for a taste of your dessert jizz. Get your party started. Grab the champagne and the genital cookies and go wild!


Penis cookie cuter: 12.5cm by 5.8cm (4.92 inch by 2.28 inch)

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