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Penis Anatomy

Penis Anatomy Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Penis Anatomy Cookie Cutter

This Penis Anatomy Cookie Cutter takes sex organs to a medical level in a detailed male reproductive model. Familiar with the erectile dysfunction commercials? For or against circumcision? Are you looking to raise awareness of prostate cancer? Are you a pharmaceutical rep, nurse or doctor? Do you enjoy a planned medical hens night? Then this anatomic erotica male genital cookie cutter is right up your ally! Fully detailed, this reproductive organ mold looks just like the pictured models at doctor's offices to make your cookies, biscuits, fondant, marzipan and candies extra realistic. Simply mix up a bath of your favorite dough, chill for easy molding, press your cutter into the dough, bake as instructed and decorate as desired. This male penis biscuit mold makes a clever bachelor present, hen party favor, medical handout or humorous gag gift. Try out all sorts of your favorite recipes with this sassy medical genitalia reproductive organs. Includes highly intricate anatomical details featuring the glans of the penis, vas deferens, testicle, and corpus cavernosum. 


Penis Anatomy cookie cutter: 7.5cm by 9cm (2.95 inch by 3.54 inch)

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