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Set of Periodic Table Elements: GeNIUS

Set of Periodic Table Element Cookie Cutters (Ge,N,I,U,S)




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Periodic Table Elements Cookie Cutters (GeNIUS)

Are you a science geek, nerd or an advanced life form? Then your genius will appreciate our GeNIUS cookie cutter baking tool! The periodic table is organized in resemblance of a large grid with each element placed in a specific location due to its atomic structure. All of life depends on these elements. Despite how advanced the periodic table appears, once you catch on, it is surprisingly easy to understand! The chemical formula that spells out our GeNIUS Cookie Cutter includes Germanium, Nickel, Uranium and Sulfur. A fun gift for you, chem students, lab technicians or your super smart friend as well as a terrific theme idea for the gathering of the science club, this elemental biscuit cutter ensures impressionable minds hungry for knowledge are sated with cookies, biscuits, cheeses and fondant-topped cakes to name a few ideas. If you enjoy cooking periodically, this craft and kitchen tool will provide endless enjoyment.


Each element size: Approximately 6cm by 6cm (2.36 inch by 2.36 inch)

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