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Pharmacy Logo

Pharmacy Logo Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Pharmacy Logo Cookie Cutter

Pharmacists, technicians, students and other medical professionals will be charmed this historically rooted tribute to their profession. Our pharmacy logo symbol cookie cutter is great not only for cookie or crafting clay, but also for soft cheese, sugarcraft or fondant. The Bowl of Hygieia is a pharmacy symbols that displays a snake or worm coiled around a cup-like chalice, ascending from the stem with head over the rim. This symbol is rooted in Greek mythology, centered around Hygieia who was the Greek goddess of hygiene (the daughter of Asclepius). Referencing her father's symbol of his rod, with a snake twined around it, you can see the similarities and influences then of the Bowl of Hygieia. Our pharmacy logo biscuit mold is perfect to create pharmaceutical themed cookies and other desserts to decorate with fun frosting colors, icing and sugar decorations or use to cut out shapes from brownies, bar cookies, fondant and cheese.


Pharmacy Logo: Approximately 8cm by 8cm (3.14 inch by 3.14 inch)

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