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Pomeranian Silhouette

Pomeranian Silhouette Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Pomeranian Silhouette Cookie Cutter

Our Pomeranian Cookie Cutter is a whimsical silhouette mold designed after your adorable little poof ball pooch! It's the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves their Pomeranian. Pomeranians are like soft, puffs of fur with distinct foxlike faces and fuzzy, plumed tails. The breed originated in the region of Northern Europe where they obtained their name. They are affectionately referred to as pom poms or poms. While small in stature, this breed is actually a descendant of the large sled dog. No wonder then that their barks can frighten larger dogs, even though they look like a fluffy stuffed animal. They make wonderful therapy dogs, and as we've learned, the best four legged friends. Bake up dog biscuits for your favorite puppy or make delish human treats like biscuits, cookies, fondant, clay cheese, fondant and candy. Anyone who sees your delightful Pomeranian themed treats and appetizers will fall instantly in love as the Pomeranian - and your baking skills- instantly charm!


Approximately 7.4cm by 7.3cm (2.9 inch by 2.89 inch)

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