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PROMO SET: Camellia Flowers

Set of 2 Camellia Flowers Cookie Cutters

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2017-05-06 12:25:13 +0100

Set of 2 Camellia Flowers Cookie Cutters

Celebrate seasonal shifts and regional blooms with the camellia cookie cutter.

This flower is traditionally found throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia and is known as the tea flower because its leaves are used to make tea. From bridal showers to garden parties, this intricate flower design is delicately rendered for maximum visual effect and adds a feminine touch to any event. Infuse your next baked good with the simple elegance of natural beauty, whether you’re creating unique fondant shapes and piecrust edging or classic rollout sugar cookies. Decorate your camellia flower cutouts with piped icing for a custom dessert that’s sure to delight.

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Flower 1: Approximately 7.1cm by 6.3cm (2.79 inch by 2.48 inch)
Flower 2: Approximately 6.5cm by 6.2cm (2.56 inch by 2.44 inch)

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