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PROMO SET: 2 Large Dog Paws

Set of 2 Dog Paw Cookie Cutters

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2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Set of 2 Large Dog Paws Cookie Cutters (Realistic & Cute)

Fur babies are the best and these animal paw print cookie cutters are the perfect way to unite all animal lovers. Whether it's Rover or Fluffy who walks all over your heart, these sweet pet paws make an adorable addition to your party favor goody bags and make paw-some gingerbread animal toppers for your animal rescue cake! Great for prizes, gifts or incentives for raffles, office parties or birthdays, these cookie cutters make it easy to create professional looking cookies, biscuits, fondant and toppings right in your own kitchen with minimal effort! Do the humans at your pups doggy daycare go out of their way to make your pooch extra comfy and well loved? Treat them with some cookies "stamped" with your pet's approval. Who says cookies are just for humans? These one-of-a-kind cutters create fun doggy biscuits or cat treats that will make your pet flip! If it's animal central in your house, fill your kitchen with cooking tools that reflect your dedication and love for your pets.


Large Cute Paw: Approximately 7cm by 7.3cm (2.75 inch by 2.75 inch)
Large Realistic Paw: Approximately 7 cm by 8.1cm (2.75 inch by 3.18 inch)

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