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Pufferfish Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Pufferfish Cookie Cutter

While adventurous divers might don their wet suits and brave the deep waters to find the dangerous puffer fish, this tetraodontidae fish is as accessible as your kitchen and much less menacing. A one-of-a-kind baking tool, this pufferfish cookie cutter is as cute as they come with an almost cartoonish appeal.
His big eyed look and round, spiky body are very detailed. The proof is in the results, and this puffer fish biscuit cutter makes beautiful desserts, cheese fondant, biscuits and cake toppings. Considered a delicacy in some countries, puffer fish are highly poisonous and require only highly trained professionals to prepare them, but when you make cookies and other treats with this cookie cutter, all it takes is you! Perfect for a nautical or ocean marine life theme, this underwater animal becomes the life of the party, puffing up to delight friends and family as well as please their palates.


Approximately 8cm by 7cm (3.15 inch by 2.76 inch)

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