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Schnauzer (Short Tail)

Schnauzer Cookie Cutter (Short Tail)




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Schnauzer Cookie Cutter (Short Tail)

Kick your baking game up a notch with our furry, short tailed Schnauzer Cookie Cutter. This loyal, lovable breed was originally bread in Germany as guard dogs, among other reasons. An athletic canine, though small, can keep up with any member in the house and love to go for walks and play at the park. Surprise guests to your picnic, fundraiser, adoption drive or even Fido himself with cookies or biscuits in this classic Schnauzer silhouette. If your heart if patrolled by a Schnauzer, then pup treats designed to look like him are a special way to celebrate his special milestones, reward him for good behavior and shower him with your love and affection. Let your creative genius soar as you create delectable clay cheese, fondant, biscuits, and candy with our furry, four-legged friend cookie cutter. As man's best friend, your dog deserves a treat befitting his image. Great as a gift for yourself or fellow Schnauzer lover, this doggie biscuit cutter is one paw-tastic kitchen gadget!


Approximately 8.4cm by 7.1cm (3.3 inch by 2.79 inch)

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