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Seashell Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Seashell Cookie Cutter

Candy plaques, cookies, biscuits, fondant and other sweet treats have never been so nautical than with our one-of-a-kind seashell cookie cutter. The salty sea air, sweeping over the waves in fresh gusts; the lapping of the waves against shallow shorelines and the rhythmic crash of the surf against jutting rocks. It is these images our mind conjures when we reflect on the majesty of the sea. As if washed up on shore, our ocean themed seashell biscuit cutter is a seaside treat that makes for perfect DIY wedding favors, beach treats, pool party eats, after-school snacks and birthday party classics. Let the siren call of the sea inspire your culinary talents with shells in delectable seaside themes. Who doesn't love finding a pretty seashell washed up on the shoreline? Now everyone can discover their own perfect seashell and decorate it too, with sprinkles, icing or fondant — the possibilities are endless!


Seashell: Approximately 5.5cm by 6cm (2.2 inch by 2.36 inch)

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