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Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball Cookie Cutter




2017-05-10 09:01:36 +0100

Soccer Ball Cookie Cutter

The perfect gift for any sports fan, our Football Soccer Cookie Cutter makes detailed cookies you can bake and decorate to mimic the real life sports ball! Celebrate all star players, the world's best coach, game winning scores and dedicated fans. Bake and handout at live games or after parties or serve at home while watching the big game. Soccer and football are two distinctly different games in North America, however if you cross the pond, the British game of football is on the same level as the American version of soccer. Whatever you call it or wherever you play, this sports ball cookie cutter s ready for game day. Gear up! This Football Soccer Biscuit Cutter is the perfect favor for a girl or boys birthday parties as well as world cup celebrations. Not just for baking, this mold makes a great crafting tool for school projects and kid crafts. For use in the kitchen, this game day cookie cutter is an all star for making cookies, biscuits, marzipan, candy and fondant.


Small: Approximately 4.5cm by 4.5cm (1.77 inch by 1.77 inch)
Large: Approximately 6cm by 6cm (2.36 inch by 2.36 inch)

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