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Syringe Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Syringe Cookie Cutter

Accent your party planning skills with our syringe cookie cutter that is sure to get people talking! Taking the sting out of vaccinations, Florence Nightingale will have nothing on you when you serve up your syringe cookies, fondant topped desserts or flaky biscuits. This health care inspired needle biscuit cutter is a great gift or graduate party idea for medical students, nurses and other health care professions. Make unique cookies, biscuits, cheese fondant and crafty clays and molds. Give your next batch of cookies a big injection of delicious! Decorate cakes with yummy fondant syringes for a stylish finish to your medical themed party or make tasty cookie treats for coworkers at the office — however you bake it, it is going to turn out amazing!


Syringe: Approximately 9cm by 3cm (3.5 inch by 1.18 inch)

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