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Trophy Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Trophy Cookie Cutter

Bring home the gold with our Trophy Cookie Cutter. Making for a great way to shower the champion sports team with praise on their big win, our celebratory biscuit mold is perfect for whipping up tasty cookies, biscuits, candies, cheese fondant or sugarcraft topped cupcakes. For the first place winner, a gift of a warm trophy cookie says it all. For those who have unlocked the key to success in their school years, business life or extracurricular goals, this cookie cutter is just for them! Acknowledge their achievements with this number one trophy cookie cutter. Recognition is everything for employees and players, so take the time to make them something exceptionally special and  be sure they know exactly what they mean to you or your business team. Spark great ideas and courageous ambition in a truly admirable way. Our trophy biscuit cutter becomes a source of inspiration for all their hard work and dedication.


Trophy: Approximately 6.8cm by 9.9cm (2.6 inch by 3.8 inch)


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