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Whale Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Whale Cookie Cutter

Give friends and family a whale of a tale to tell when you serve treats and eats made with our whale cookie cutter mold. Seafarers and landlubbers alike will appreciate fondant decorations, cookies, sugarcraft or other treats in the shape of this intelligent marine mammal. Serve up delectable surprises for children's birthday parties, whale watching gatherings, pool parties, marine biologist graduations or any other sea-themed gathering. If Moby Dick or any other pop culture whale has been making the rounds in your house, it is time to treat the family to one whale of a sweet treat! The whale might have his store of blubber for energy, but your little ones will need only a cookie or two to fuel their happy party enthusiasm. This cheerful cartoon whale boasts an easy mold that produces amazingly detailed results that will have friends and family assured you are a professional. Toot your own blowhole and leave them begging for more!


Whale cookie cutter: Approximately 11.9cm by 7.3cm (4.68 inches by 2.87 inches)

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