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Wolf Paw Prints

Wolf Paw Prints Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Wolf Paw Prints Cookie Cutter

Make tracks in excellence with our wolf paw print cookie cutter! Whether creating special treats for Fido and his furry friends or human treats for your fellow animal lovers or Halloween party guests, our wolf paw print cookie cutters make a popular dessert or decoration choice. Two very distinguishable and detailed werewolf paw prints grace the center of this circular cookie cutter, looking nearly identical to real life dog paw prints. These cookie cutters are paws-itively perfect molds for desserts, dinner or tea biscuits or any other creative outlet! This new pooch on the block is ready to take over your theme party or bakery in a big, bad way. The werewolf is a signature mythical creature who dominates when it comes to Halloween, costume parties or the full moon. That is what makes this wolf paw print cookie cutter a fantastic companion for special events and everyday use alike.


Wolf Paw Prints: Approximately 7.8cm by 7.8cm (3.07 inch by 3.07 inch)

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