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Yoga Pig Warrior Pose 1

Yoga Pig Warrior Pose 1 Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Yoga Pig Warrior Pose 1 Cookie Cutter

The therapeutic applications of yoga can be enjoyed in an edible format when you cook up treats made with our Bakerlogy, one of a kind Yoga Pig Warrior Pose 1 Cookie Cutter. Yoga is a great activity anyone, but especially those with health issues as it encourages strength and flexibility, with added benefits of relaxation and energy. The yoga warrior pose, or Virabhadra's Pose, commands the power and exploits of the mythical warrior. While yoga is a typically peaceful invoking way to exercise,  the most time honored of all the yoga tales speaks of is the text between two famous and feared warriors on a battlefield. Not to encourage violence, but that of calm, this pose is more of a spiritual warrior pose, focusing on interior strength. For your next yoga meeting, or any occasion, bake up cookies, biscuits, candies or fondant using our warrior pose cookie cutter and indulge your inner (hungry) warrior. 


Warrior Pose 1: Approximately 7.9cm by 10.5cm (3.1 inch by 4.1 inch)


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