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Anatomical Skull

Anatomical Skull Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Anatomical Skull Cookie Cutter

Turn heads at your next event with our one-of-a-kind anatomical human skull cookie cutter. An emblem of death throughout history and culture, the skull has been a symbol of plagues, pirates and those skulls with crossbones signifying poisons and dangerous substances among other symbolisms. Today, skull models grace the desks and shelves of doctors and forensic anthropologists in terms of education and medical reference, with the macabre side of the skull geared more toward Hollywood theatrics, Halloween fright and fun and other holidays celebrating the spirits of those passed. The twenty-two bones, collectively called the cranium, that form the skull come together like a puzzle to protect your brain and facial organs. The skull also includes cartilage (a softer, more flexible bone) as well as ligaments. Using our skull biscuit mold, mix up amazing gingerbread and sugar cookies, biscuits, fondant-decorated cupcakes and yummy marzipan for medical professionals, archeologists, students of medicine, health professions and others to munch on in delight of the unusual and scientific.


Skull: Approximately 10cm by 8cm (3.93 inch by 3.15 inch)

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