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Hammer Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Hammer Cookie Cutter

For anyone working the day away on improvement projects, home rehabs  and construction sites, coming home to a treat made with our Bakerlogy Hammer Cookie Cutter becomes a reward for a hard day's work. The hammer is a classic tool used for endless projects that delivers a hard hit to drive in nails fit parts, forge metal and more, as well as a flip side that removes nails and the like. This sweet hammer biscuit cutter is perfect for molding cookies, biscuits, candies, sugarcraft topped cakes, cheese fondant and marzipan. The detailed works you create become a tasty way to show appreciation for your handyman on Father's Day, birthdays, or as a housewarming gift for those unveiling their home improvements. Your "world's best handyman" will enjoy your surprise treat and after ingesting a few delectable cupcakes or cookies, will be ready and rearing for your next honey-do project!


Hammer: Approximately 6.9cm by 12.5cm (2.7 inch by 4.9 inch)

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