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Hand Saw

Hand Saw Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Hand Saw Cookie Cutter

Make sure you have the right tool for the job with our Bakerlogy Hand Saw Cookie Cutter. This fun kitchen tool pays tribute to the handyman's tool belt and his always handy hand saw. A part of our tools of mass construction set, your themed Father's Day, birthday, retirement or promotion celebration party will be complete with our array of tool box cookie cutters that enable you to craft professional looking biscuits, cookies, marzipan, candies, cheese fondant and sugarcraft toppings. It's not the tool, it's how you use it, and any craftsman, carpenter or hobbyist will get a good chuckle out of your themed appetizer and dessert tables. The hand saw is used in woodworking and carpentry to cut pieces of wood into necessary shapes to that often fit together to complete or finish a building project. While electronic options are popular, carpenters still rely on the classics to get the job done. 


Hand Saw: Approximately 5.3cm by 14.5cm (2 inch by 5.7 inch)

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