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Heart Lock & Love Key

Heart Lock and Key Cookie Cutters




2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Heart Lock & Love Key Cookie Cutters

Express your love and commitment with our one of a kind Bakerlogy Heart Lock & Love Key Cookie Cutter. This cookie cutter set is the ideal treat for sweethearts as a lovelock symbol of their commitment to one another. Share your love with anyone, from family members to friends as a memorable symbol or special birthday favor. The symbolism of this love cookie cutter mimics the tradition of the "love lock," which is a padlock that couples affix to a bridge, gate, fence, or similar public fixture to symbolize their lasting love. This two piece hearts undone cookie cutter includes a heart shaped lock and love key. Make cupcake toppers, sugarcraft crafts, candy, padlock pastries, cookies, fondant clay cheese and biscuits with this sweethearts biscuit dough cutter. This craft tool and kitchen supply gadget makes romantic DIY wedding favors, engagement party handouts, and anniversary gifts that showcase an attention to detail that is also easy to use! Your treats will look professionally crafted, yet come with love from your kitchen.


Heart Size: Approximately 7.5cm by 6.5cm (3 inch by 2.6 inch)
Key Size: Approximately 3.8cm by 8cm (1.5 inch by 3.1 inch)

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