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Missionary Sex Position (Heterosexual)

Missionary Sex Position Cookie Cutter (Heterosexual)




2017-05-11 04:10:34 +0100

Missionary Sex Position Cookie Cutter

If you like to spice things up in the bedroom, there's nothing wrong with the missionary position as explained by our Missionary Sex Position Cookie Cutter. This one of a kind sex position mold features a heterosexual couple doing the naughty with the female on bottom and the male over her on top. Missionary doesn't have to be bland. Get some toys involved and let the good times roll. If you get hungry, take the party to the kitchen where you can mix up a batch of sexy cookies. Using your favorite icings and sugars, whether you decorate your cookies or your partner, we'll never tell. The possibilities are endless with this mold great for cookies, but also biscuits, fondant, sugarcraft crafts, marzipan and cheese. This one of a kind novelty bachelorette cookie cutter is great as a solo gift or for making favors for your bachelorette, bachelor or stag parties.


Missionary: Approximately 8.0cm by 10.1cm (3.1 inch by 4 inch)

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