Origami Rabbit

Origami Rabbit Cookie Cutter

$9.00 USD

Origami Rabbit Cookie Cutter

Inspired by the minimalism of the ancient art of origami, this lucky rabbit is a one of a kind baker's delight that will bring your kitchen exploits good fortune. Our Bakerlogy Origami Rabbit Cookie Cutter is a cute little fella, mimicking the skill of paper folding. A side profile shows his alert bunny ears and twitchy nose and puffy, cotton tail as he sits alert, as if he knows he will soon find a new home in your tummy! Your favorite recipes are in for a treat when you take and press this adorable bunny biscuit mold into chilled dough. It's as simple as that to get professional looking cookies, biscuits, candies and fondant. After baking, decorate your lucky rabbit in YOUR lucky color or sprinkle him with irresistible sugars to entice your guests to indulge in your dessert table offerings. However you mix it, this rabbit cookie mold is the perfect kitchen essential!


Approximately 5.5cm by 8.5cm (2.16 inch by 3.34 inch)