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Pregnant Womb with Fetus

Pregnant Womb with Fetus Cookie Cutter




2017-05-15 06:48:56 +0100

Pregnant Womb with Fetus Cookie Cutter

Bringing the best of baby shower and push-day treats, this Pregnant Womb With Fetus Cookie Cutter celebrates life inside the womb and the miraculous wonders a woman's body is capable of! This anatomical inspired mold is the perfect gift idea for the anatomy fan or makes for an educational tool for the classroom! The anatomy of pregnancy is finely illuminated with this pregnant body cookie cutter. Showing a woman's expanding belly and a sleeping infant inside, head down and ready for delivery, as well as the anatomical structure of the mother, it is easy to see and celebrate the miracle of birth. Did you know? Over the course of the pregnancy, the uterus stretches about 500 times its normal size, the heart grows and works harder at a more rapid pace due to the increased blood flow in the body and joints soften to prepare the body for birth. Prenatal vitamins and healthy meals are crucial for expectant mothers as well because the mother's body prioritizes and provides nutrients first to the baby, second to the mother, ensuring baby grows healthy and strong. Create your own maternal works of art in your very own kitchen when you bake up desserts and appetizers of biscuits, cookies, cheese fondant, marzipan and cookies for your next celebration or milestone!


Approximately 10.4cm by 12.8cm (4 inch by 5 inch)

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