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PROMO SET: Alice in Wonderland

Characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Cookie Cutters

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2017-05-02 06:23:43 +0100
Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat & White Rabbit Cookie Cutters
Curiouser and curiouser! Here's a "novel" party theme idea for fans of the classic tale, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Our cookie cutters inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland feature such personalities as Alice herself in profile, the Cheshire bearing his classic grin, the curious Hatter and the time-obsessed March Hare. What tea party is complete without a platter of cookies or cakes of the cast of one of literature's most recognizable stories? Whip up fairytale worthy fondant, marzipan, biscuit, cookies or cheese and no one will be late to your party, that's for sure! Take a fall down the rabbit hole and slip through the door of imagination ─no shrinking potion necessary ─ and let your kitchen be your own Wonderland where anything goes, nonsense is always welcome and sometimes all who enter are just a wee bit mad. Our Alice In Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Cookie cutters are your ticket to grand adventures!


Alice: Approximately 8.6cm by 6.0cm (~ 3.5 inch by 2.4 inch)
Cheshire: Approximately 8.5cm by 6.2cm (~ 3.3 inch by 2.4 inch)
White Rabbit: Approximately 8.5cm by 6.5cm (~ 3.4 inch by 2.6 inch)
Mad Hatter: Approximately 9.5cm by 7.3cm (~ 3.7 inch by 2.9 inch)

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