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Sakura Cherry Blossom

Sakura Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Sakura Cookie Cutter

Cherry Blossoms make a lovely option for weddings, so prepare for your special day with our enchanting Cherry Blossom Flower Cookie Cutter. In Japan, cherry blossoms are known as "sakura" and are symbols or hope and renewal. These pale blossoms are also Japan's national flower, with many traditions such as picnicking beneath cherry blossom trees as a part of the nation's century old custom. These trees can be huge, with a 40-foot wide canopy that creates a beautiful and vivid color palate. These delicate blossoms are the perfect accent piece or centerpiece for your next special occasion. Press into your favorite dough or other recipe to make delightful marzipan, sugarcraft, fondant, cookies and biscuits. Pretty in pink, your imagination is only limited by you, so decorate your cherry blossoms to match your mood or color theme. The look and taste of your cherry blossom desserts and appetizers will be one unforgettable experience. A stunning presentation for a special day, our cherry blossom cookie cutters make the perfect choice for your baking and decorating needs.


Approximately 6cm by 5.9cm (2.36 inch by 2.32 inch)

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