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Shoulder Holder Sex Position (Heterosexual)

Shoulder Holder Sex Position Cookie Cutter (Heterosexual)




2017-05-11 04:16:37 +0100

Shoulder Holder Cookie Cutter

Celebrating the popularity of Kamasutra, this Shoulder Holder Sex Position Cookie Cutter is ready to go to great depths for your party pleasure! A one of a kind design, this sexy mold features a couple. The female is lying down with her legs thrown over the shoulders of her male partner while he reaches orgasmic depths in their sex life. Let your naughty side loose when you share these wild cookies with your partner or hand out as favors at a bachelor, bachelorette or stag party. This sex position novelty cookie cutter is a versatile cooking and baking tool that makes risqué cookies, bawdy fondant, ribald biscuits, suggestive candies and explicit marzipan. Have a naked party and get backing in your birthday suit with your lover and let things get a little messy as you experiment in both the kitchen and the bedroom. Professional quality results are as easy as mixing your dough, chilling, pressing, rolling, baking and decorating with sugars and icing.


Shoulder Holder: Approximately 10.5cm by 8.7cm (4.1 inch by 3.4 inch)

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