The Spider Sex Position (Heterosexual)

The Spider Sex Position Cookie Cutter (Heterosexual)

$12.00 USD

Spider Sex Position Cookie Cutter

Get indecent with our tribute to the Kamasutra Spider Sex Position Cookie Cutter. This one of a kind novelty bachelorette baking mold features a heterosexual couple in a spider style love making position. Positioned opposite of one another, this couple "knots" their legs over one another, giving them optimal position to bump and grind to their ultimate pleasure. Snack some sexually explicit treats into your partners briefcase or lunch bag for a naughty teaser at what they can expect when they get home or celebrate your bachelor, bachelorette or stag parties in wild fashion. To bet professional baker quality cookies, candy, cheese, fondant, marzipan and biscuits, simple mix your dough, chill, roll, press, bake and decorate to your desired effect.


The Spider: Approximately 10.3cm by 6.4cm (4 inch by 2.5 inch)